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Should I start trading in Forex?

Should I start trading in Forex

If six of the world’s biggest banks make 30-50% of their profits from forex trading and banks are regarded as the most risk-averse companies; then surely we need to challenge the myth that forex trading is riskier than other forms of investment?

While forex trading may be a tad more complex and you certainly need to know what you’re doing; it isn’t necessarily riskier. Here are a few reasons why you should trade in forex:

Show me a loss and I’ll question the trader’s experience

While it is alarming to hear stories of 80-90% of people losing money on the forex market; we need to hone in on the trader’s experience. With forex trading, you have to know what you’re doing to be successful. It takes time and experience and more importantly making sure to partner with a solid trader.

According to the Co-Founder of AIFX Learning, Mats Lundkvist, “I lost money at the start of my trading career before I knew what I was doing. Now I have no problems generating 10-20% per month (sometimes more) by trading manually. I really enjoy trading with the robots as I do not have to watch the charts as carefully.”

Thanks to hedging used by our AIFX, the risk becomes very low. And coupled with the long-running track record of our Horse Investment Service (years now without a single month’s loss), it is safe to trade with us and your chances of success are high.

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Our robots make trading easy; even for stock market traders

Humans are naturally averse to change, so an open mind and an additional skill set would be required for a stock broker to switch to forex trading. trading because their knowledge of the forex market would not be sufficient. If they were trying to trade manually, off the bat, it would a very unwise switch to make.

In the same way that proven stock market strategies exist, thanks to our robots, we now have a proven forex strategy too. You don’t need to master the art of forex trading; just leave the heavy lifting to us and watch as your account grows.

Diversification is a good thing

We understand that if you’re a stock market trader, changing to forex trading may seem like converting to another religion. But think about the strength most investors find in diversification. There’s a reason why we’re encouraged to never put our eggs in one basket. Investing in one thing is risky and if the basket falls, all your eggs are lost.

Adding a forex account with a small amount of funds will be a positive addition to your investment portfolio. With AIFX Learning‘s three-year positive track record and the fact that we hedge our investments, it is unlikely that your account will drop to zero. Together with our robots, we are constantly monitoring the market conditions and would stop trading before it even came close to any loss of this nature.

A 10-20% stable monthly return

In life and investments, there is no reward without risk. While you should never put your livelihood on the line with any kind of investment, forex trading using our stable and reliable Horse Investment Service is a lot safer than starting a new company, investing in cryptos or even stocks.

Our Horse Investment Service is a stable, low-risk earner that has been running for the past three years without a single month’s loss. It has generated between 10-20% per month over the last 18 months with a low drawdown. If your bank or your other investments can offer you this kind of solid, stable return, then perfect! But we know they don’t!

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Our robots offer stable returns

Which other investment can show 3 years without a single month’s loss? Given the current state of our economy and the unprecedented events in 2020, those are seriously impressive stats, my friend.

Our Horse Investment Service has proved that it can handle anything thrown at it; even a global pandemic, a chaotic presidential election and the year that was 2020!

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