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Our Forex indicators are programmed to expertly identify short-term price trends in the market. With this information you can make educated decisions on when to enter or exit a trade. Get more for your investment with these brilliant software packages.

Algo Support Resistance Indicator for Trading

Support Resistance



Use the support and resistance indicators on MetaTrader4 (MT4) to mark the recent swing highs and lows in price. This, in turn, can help identify the trend and spot potential reversals. Use the indicator as a trend confirmation and analysis tool.

This indicator will help you identify trends in the markets and better assist you in making informed decisions on when to invest.

Algo Forex Breakout Indicator

Breakout Indicator



The breakout indicator helps you find great growths in currency pairs. All you have to do is to follow price alerts, place your order and be prepared to follow the profit for a few minutes or hours if necessary. 

Remember that this is a system that requires you to execute the trade, therefore you are in control of the money management side.