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6 Reasons Why You Need a Forex Investment

Why You Need a Forex Investment

When it comes to forex trading compared to the stock or property investment, there are strong merits for each one. Thanks to the vast size of the forex market; liquidity, flexibility of trade and accessibility are some of the strong advantages for investing in forex. With the right trade-copier service offering stable monthly returns and on-call human guidance, you could be well on your way to making profits to best suit your current trading style and desired income.

1. You can trade 24/7

Unlike the stock market, forex trading waits for no bell to begin. Thanks to a global forex market, you can trade currencies 24 hours per day and nearly seven days per week. This frees you up to trade part-time and anytime that’s convenient for you whether you’re a fulltime employee, business owner or student.

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2. Forex trading is accessible

When it comes to start-up investment costs, the barrier to entry is much lower with forex trading. You can start with as little as £100 and unlike property investment, you don’t need a big deposit to begin with. If you are consistent and patient while trading with a helpful trade copier service and company that takes much of the trading weight off your shoulders, you can start with a small amount and watch it grow steadily. Thanks to leverage offered by most forex brokers, you can trade in thousands of units of currency with as little as £100.

Sign-up to begin trading is fairly simple compared to applying for home loans/mortgages and beginning the process to purchase an investment property. With Forex trading all you do is sign up for a trading account from your laptop, deposit money into your trading account and trade online in your spare time.

With AIFX, you can begin trading by trying out our free, no-risk demo traders to gain experience and see what the combination of our Human and AI trade-copier services are like.

3. The profitability potential is huge

Whether your currency is going up or down, you can stand to make a profit in Forex. When you feel a currency is going down, you can sell it. With the stock market, you only stand to make a profit when your stock’s worth increases. By investing more money, your profit margins also increase. And this high profitability potential is what makes the Forex market so attractive. It’s said that over 90% of independent traders lose money. So you need guidance and doing it alone is not advised even once you’re experienced.

At AIFX, we do the heavy lifting for you, allowing our combination of human and AI trade copier service do the work for you. You are 100% in control of your money and with our steady and reliable Horse Trade Copier AIFX, you can be assured of a steady, stable return of 10-20% each month. Can your bank give you that kind of return? (You may laugh out loud here.)

4. Forex trading has an equal playing field

When it comes to forex, everyone is equal at trading. No single entity or person controls the forex market thanks to its huge size and there it can’t be influenced.

5. Liquidity

Thanks to vast market size, limit orders and stop-loss orders- you can move around freely; entering and exiting trade positions as you wish or as your online trading platform has been programmed to do. There’s always someone on the other end of the market interested in taking your deal.

And once you’ve programmed a limit order on your online trading platform in order to exit your position once you’ve reached your intended profit, you won’t ever be locked in a trade. A stop-loss order will allow you to close trading if it continually moves against you. As it is a highly liquid market, it is much simpler to cease a trade that’s not performing as well as you hoped then getting rid of a property that is costing you money.

6. Steady drip of profits similar to property investment

While forex is renowned for its volatility of fluctuating currencies which in turn promises high profitability opportunities, our Horse Trade Copier AIFX has run for three years without a single loss! And similar to the steady monthly income property investment can yield, the Horse brings in monthly returns of 10-20%. This low-risk stable earner runs steadily for a long time and remains consistent, unlike the more aggressive and high-risk trade-copier services of ours.

While trading in forex certainly has its advantages and disadvantages; accessibility, liquidity and accessibility of trade definitely make it an attractive investment choice. And with our steady, stable trade copier service like our Horse Trade Copier AIFX, you can enjoy low-risk and stable monthly earnings. Contact us now to find out more.

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