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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program.

We believe we have a great product and service and are looking forward to working with you to promote this.

We have a simple but powerful compensation model which gives you the possibility to earn a steady recurring income.

If you decide to start marketing our products and services you will get:

Trade Copier service

We define active as having at least 500 GBP/EUR/USD in their account and actively running one of our trade copier services. Actively running means that they are paying their performance and subscription fees.

When the total amount invested of all your referred customers reaches 100 000 GBP or more we will increase the commission to 89 GBP/EUR/USD per active customer.


*** Until further notice all commission will be given in GBP. In the future, this will change to reflect the account currency of the customer.


50% commission on any indicators that the customer buys.

Your own affiliate page

With stats about payouts etc


*** Until further notice all commission payouts will be shown in GBP. If you want payout in another currency or crypto the GBP value will be converted to this currency on the day of payout.

The 5 of Feb we check who has been active during the month of Jan. In January you had 10 active customers which equals 10×49 = 490. On the 15 of Feb, we send out the commissions to you.