The Wolf


The more aggressive Wolf normally produces between 1 - 2 % profits a DAY

Wolves are often feared and hunted by man but they are great at achieving their goals. The Wolf trades throughout the day while the market is open. While many people like the monthly profits, the main attraction of the Wolf is the compounding effect it can have. Most people have yet to recognise the powerful potential of compounding.

Here is an example.
If you invest 2000 EUR and get 1% daily interest and then you reinvest that 1% i.e You don’t make any withdrawals and just leave the profits to grow. After one year, you would have accumulated around 26 000 EUR in your account. That is not bad, in fact it is a 1240% increase!

Min deposit 2000 EUR/GBP/USD





Our latest product, planned release date 1 March 2021

Tigers are renowned for their fearless hunting skills and their ability to hunt big prey.

Our little group of Tigers simultaneously run on multiple currencies, permitting greater diversification and opportunities. They are on the prowl for big prey throughout each open market day.

The Tiger’s results are great but take note that it is also riskier playing with these powerful beasts.

Min deposit 2000 EUR/GBP/USD








The Bear Trader

THE bear

Bears can be both intimidating and scary. Sleepy at times and quite protective at others. At Algo International, our bears closely resemble bear cubs; adorable, cuddly and just very enticing to play with. Trading with our Bear Investment Service can be really rewarding and profitable and will almost guarantee to have you returning for more cuddly playtime.

The Bear is a milder version of the aggressive Tiger algo; with stable behaviour and results. While the Tiger runs on multiple currency pairs the bear only runs on two.

Min deposit 2000 EUR/GBP/USD



Service Fees:

We always strive to make our clients a good profit every month. There is no income guarantee and even though we strive to always have profitable months it can happen that we have losing months.

No Win, No Fee?​

Our subscription fee is based upon a win/win scenario meaning we only take out a fee if we have made you money during the month in question, we charge a small monthly fee and a percentage of the money we have generated.

We charge 49:- for The Quantum Shift, The Calculus and The Syntax GBP/EUR/USD  (depending on your trading accounts currency) a month in monthly subscription fee plus a percentage of the profits that we have generated based upon the equity in your account on the last day of the month.

The fees are charged on your preferred payment method on the 3 of every month based upon last months performance. If we for some reason are not able to get payment on this day your AIFX trading software is at risk of being immediately stopped. With our forex trade copier service you know that your investments will be managed responsibly. Please note that these prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Month 1

You started out with an account with 9,000 GBP, the equity in your account on March 31 is 10,000 GBP and we made a profit on your account during March of 1000 GBP. We will on the 3 of April send you an invoice for 300 GBP + Monthly subscription fee (30% of profits = 300 plus monthly fee).

Month 2

The equity in your account on April 30 is 9,500 GBP and we lost 500 GBP on your account this month so we will not charge you anything.

Month 3

The equity in your account on May 31 is 11,000 GBP and we made a profit on your account during May of 1 500 GBP. We will on the 3 of June send you an invoice for 450 GBP plus monthly subscription fee (30% of 1500 = 450 plus monthly fee)

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